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Info Repeated applications may result in the cancellation of your previous application.

Career Opportunities

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Career Opportunities

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Information to consider when applying

  • Any application without clear contact information will not be considered.
  • Applications without a detailed CV will not be considered.
  • Making multiple applications for the same position will invalidate your previous application.


You can follow the open positions that have been accepted for applications on our page. Please note that you can only apply for a position once with the same phone number.

Position: Back-End Developer


1. Project experience
2. Knowledge of database architectures
3. Experiences in service experience
4. Knowledge of PHP language and Codeigniter at master level and MVC structures
5. At least 5 years belt
6. Developed PHP on Linux servers
7. Able to unite the team and adapt to the team spirit
8. Postponed for at least 3 years or completed his military service
9. Able to use JetBrains tools
10. Supports on version management
Experience and interest in flutter, as well as HTML, CSS, JS-JQUERY and PHP Codegniter can make a significant difference to your application.