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Knowing is not enoughapply;
we must apply.
Being willing is not enough; we must do

Siyah Yazılım's perspective is based on firm adherence to rising values as a corporate culture. While these values are the guide of Siyah Yazılım, they ensure that the technology and products it produces are much more qualified.

  • Learn; At Siyah Yazılım, our most important perspective is learning. Because an individual who cannot learn means that his active productive life has come to an end. An individual who is not in active production cannot produce technology. It cannot add quality to human life. It's not that everyone learns everything, but that everyone learns something about what they're working on. It's a basic production feeling.
  • Put Application; At Siyah Yazılım, we believe that even the smallest information we learn can be the basis of a product. As long as the learned knowledge does not contribute to production, it does not benefit the person himself, and the main goal of Siyah Yazılım is; It cannot serve the purpose of making human life more qualified.
  • Be Willing; The day Siyah Yazılım was founded from scratch, there was “will” at its core. Unwittingly expecting it to happen means you don't have a stake in the production. First we want to succeed, then we bring it to life.
  • Do It Boldly; Siyah Yazılım has been willingly “bold” since its inception. He dreams, learns and takes action with great courage. A move not made is much worse than a move made but failed.

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