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Construction Industry

Lokomotif bir sektörün süreçleri, üretimden pazarlamaya kadar yazılım güvencesi altında.

Construction Industry -

The building sector, which acts as a locomotive in the economies of the world countries, has the biggest weapon in planning the costs correctly, fast marketing and analysis; To the software!

The Building Sector, which is the fastest growing and economic locomotive in many countries, is a sector that is developing rapidly in our country and has a large share in the country's economy.

The building sector, which has increased its momentum towards the end of the 90s to the highest point with the 2000s, is constantly making digital investments as a rapidly digitalizing sector, especially in process tracking and marketing.

The processes are very serious and difficult for the brands that produce building projects in the building sector. It is very difficult to separate the long and tiring process such as construction into sub-decompositions on the basis of work, to manage the procurement and proposal processes of hundreds of different materials, to manage the construction site team and calendar. Plan mistakes to be made in this difficult process will appear as serious cost losses towards the end of the project. In order to prevent this loss and to act in accordance with the project schedule, the use of various software to manage many processes such as material demand - supply - acceptance processes, shift - team planning, authority sharing is of great importance today.

Material suppliers in the construction industry form the heart of the industry. Suppliers that supply materials from manufacturers to brands producing construction projects can carry out the sale of tonnage materials from one center, but they deliver products to construction projects in many different cities and accept payments from different cities and countries. Customer tracking and online payment systems, which secure these delivery-payment processes of suppliers, have become a necessity that both saves time and protects both parties from a legal point of view. At the same time, these software prevent the confusion in the marketing channels as they control the stock status of the materials available.

The construction sector, as a sector with very old traditions and history in our country, has implemented the digital transformation faster than any other sector. Of course, in a sector such as the construction sector, where large tonnage products are traded and thousands of square meters of construction sites are managed, software processes should be managed by expert software teams with project and software development experience for the construction sector. For this reason, while meeting the software needs of construction brands, it is important to work with software brands that have developed software for this sector as well as their software capabilities.

We are proud of serving the construction industry since 2009, with many CRMs, online payment systems, special web designs and web software that we produce for the construction industry brands among more than 200 software products and projects we have implemented in Siyah Yazılım.

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