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Media and Entertainment Industry

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Media and Entertainment Industry -

Everyone has access to digital tools these days, and the entertainment industry is harder than you think. Because now entertaining has been taken to a new level. Experience and accessibility from anywhere!

Now even children of all ages have access to entertainment a click away. Thanks to digital content platforms, we can all be involved in an entertainment or event whenever and wherever we want. While the subject of previous years was access to these digital environments, today's subject is to make it better, to make it unforgettable, to create an experience and to be accessible from anywhere.

For these reasons, organization companies work intensively to do much different things at each event. Events, sessions, symposia and even parties are now available digitally. Technologies such as virtual reality technologies both complicate the work of the entertainment and media industry and open new horizons.

The inevitable digital transformation, which started with the pandemic, has also put the media and entertainment industry into a period of obligatory digitization. The difficulties experienced in the first steps reached a practical point with the capabilities gained by the software industry, and then quickly transformed to the point of new experiences.

The developing capabilities of the software industry, better data security, increasing internet connection speeds have started to increase the efficiency of many events while turning the digital necessity into digital awareness.

For example, it has been realized that an international medical symposium to be held can be held more efficiently in the digital environment, with participants from dozens of countries, using virtual reality technology if necessary, without sacrificing its quality, at a lower cost. Ticket systems, turnstile systems, user accreditation systems of large congresses and fairs can be set up quickly and easily over the internet. Participants can access content via mobile applications, find stands more easily, and even the event theme turns into a much more palpable experience.

Of course, the understanding of classical media and entertainment is very valuable, but it can inevitably be accepted today; digital transformation and software make event results more successful by maximizing planning, organizing and experience.

Of course, there are some important criteria for procuring software for a more successful organization. Considering that the media and entertainment industry is "people" oriented, personal data security can be seen as the most important topic. Considering that the events have several steps (accreditation, welcome and verification, program management and notification, orientation and interaction), it is very important that the software to be used works fully integrated, from the turnstile to the platform where the video of an event will be shared. Designing and constructing successful interfaces that will enable users and staff to use the software in the most effective way is the key to the success of the software to be used. Of course, it is one of the most important issues for the software to be able to report correctly as a result of all these processes in which it performs its task, and to produce meaningful results by processing the data with the right algorithms.

In the process of transitioning from classical media and entertainment understanding to digital transformation, brands working with software teams that do not have software development experience in the media and entertainment industry faced unsuccessful results in their digital transformations. Working with a software team with experience in software development in the media and entertainment industry is the only way to a successful software delivery, a successful digital transformation.

There are many media and entertainment organizations among the software products/projects we have developed over 200 at Siyah Yazılım. In addition to the software we have developed for congress and exhibition centers, we are happy to have implemented many projects such as turnstile and accreditation systems, organization - event websites and website - turnstile integration systems, member - participant tracking - reporting software.

If you are in the Media and Entertainment industry, rely on the Siyah Yazılım experience for custom software solutions.

Remember; Custom Jobs Require Siyah Solutions.

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