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The industry sector

Daha iyisini, daha iyi şartlarda, daha hızlı üretmenin ve satmanın anahtarı 'Yazılım'

The industry sector -

Production is a matter of efficiency and profitability, regardless of what you produce. Not having a tool to increase efficiency and profitability means costs and losses.

Production is a multi-layered and complex process with hundreds of years of tradition and many methodologies. In the face of increasing needs, manufacturers are now primarily competing with themselves.

Cost changes brought by global markets, changes in human resources, changing demands due to population growth now force manufacturers to be better every day than the previous day. In order for the manufacturer brands to win these “race with themselves”; they need to prepare the right plans, comply with the plan, and monitor, process and evaluate every process live.

In multi-layered production processes, not only the process, but also many inputs, main outputs and side outputs must be followed, evaluated, and processed in accordance with the law in some sectors.

With the rapid increase in the capabilities of the software industry, production challenges are turning from being challenging conditions for manufacturers who value digital transformation to an enjoyable productivity race.

Of course, while the manufacturer provides software for a brand, they have serious sensitivities in a few issues in software processes. Data privacy is a trade secret. Problem-free data flow, development of interfaces that ensure the most effective use of users in all layers, mobility, consistency of algorithms that process data, and ensuring the best hardware / performance balance are indispensable for the software processes of manufacturer brands.

In addition to these sine qua non, flexibility in the software layer is considered extremely important. There are many processes in the production sector from raw material entry to final product. The fact that the software used in these processes can exchange data with each other when necessary is of vital importance for making logical inferences. Integrable software turns the software investments of manufacturer brands into an even more profitable investment.

The way to develop flexible software that will increase the profitability of manufacturers, make their processes more successful, increase efficiency in production and be considered a future-oriented investment, is to work with a software team that has previous experience in software development in the manufacturing sector.

We have developed many projects/products, from websites to various software for many manufacturer brands from food to defense industry, from cable to textile, within the scope of more than 200 projects we have implemented in Siyah Yazılım. With the experience we gained in manufacturer processes, we contributed to the processes of production brands in many layers and increased their efficiency.

If you are in the manufacturing industry, rely on Siyah Yazılım experience for custom software solutions.
Remember; Custom Jobs Require Siyah Solutions.

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