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Defence Industry

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Defence Industry -

With the development of software, the defense industry has made great strides in the last 20 years, more than the previous 50 years. The most important sector, the focus of which is software, continues to rise above the defense sector.

Of course, the biggest share in the sudden change in the understanding of defense all over the world was the developments in the software world. As software capabilities have improved, trends in the defense industry have shifted towards smarter production. In the past half century, the trends were heavier and larger product production, but nowadays drones and tiny unmanned vehicles are the focus.

The Turkish Defense Industry, on the other hand, has made a name for itself both in the world and became a leader in its region with its development and ever-increasing momentum in recent years. The software and hardware needs of the defense industry for many processes such as production, tracking and marketing began to increase at the same rate.

To group the digital tools that defense industry brands are about to outsource;

  • CRM Software for some processes
  • ERP
  • Planning and Task Management Applications
  • Performance Measurement Software
  • Websites for Global Interactions
  • Supply Chain and Offer Management Applications
  • Testing Software
  • Applications and Games that Provide User Experience

It would not be wrong to group them as

Of course, there are some issues that Defense Industry brands should pay attention to when meeting their digital needs like these.

  1. Defense Industry has its own language,
  2. Having the highest level of data security,
  3. There are legal limits in some areas and the development team knows these laws well,
  4. The technologies, product information and details developed by these brands are within the scope of trade secrets.

Issues such as these are the issues that the Defense Industry primarily pays attention to when procuring digital tools and software. Due to these sensitivities, the software brand they will choose while meeting the needs of Defense Industry brands must have previous experience in this sector and must consist of authorized engineers.

As Siyah Yazılım, there are many Defense Industry brands, especially the Defense Industry Exporters' Association, among the projects we have developed over 200. Many services, especially file systems, data security applications and websites, have been provided to these brands by us. Our development team, experienced in matters that Defense Industry brands are sensitive to, acts with a zero problem policy in all development and execution processes. In addition to providing data security in at least two layers, it carries out various tests and continuously transmits current reports to the brand in parallel with the studies. In the face of developing global dangers, it performs up-to-date developments without any brand demand and automatically follows up the product / project after delivery.

If you are in the defense industry, rely on the Siyah Yazılım experience for custom software solutions.
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