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We have a project we believe in, but we do not have expert opinion; Then you will need more than a miracle.

The rapid spread of digitalization every day, of course, makes modern life easier, but this convenience also introduces new problems into our lives.

The main objective of the past years has been “digitalization” and “technological infrastructure investment”. Brands and institutions tried to digitize quickly. However, as the needs increased rapidly, new problems turned into new solutions and new solutions turned into new problems in a vicious circle.

This vicious circle has turned the digital and technological infrastructure investments of brands and institutions into hesitations.

There are many options for every situation, but which is the right "option"?

A brand or institution considers the cost / performance balance when choosing software and hardware for its needs. However, the needs and hardware are changing so fast that the software and hardware investment made a few months ago suddenly falls short. Some of the investments made with future needs in mind are incompatible with new technologies and suddenly turn into a damaged investment because they show compatibility problems.

Integration is to software what Google Translate is to humans!

Unfortunately, making decisions about software for your needs and investing in hardware and software is not the end. In the next step, when you need to legally back up the data you will create while using these software or share data between several different software, a new problem process awaits you. (For example, the integration of your e-commerce or virtual pos system with your accounting program, the integration of your interbranch stocks and customer information, the integration of official transactions such as e-invoice with your accounting program, etc.)

While providing software and hardware when you need it, you need to make decisions in a way that can work in harmony with other hardware and software in the future and share data when necessary.

Which hardware? Which software? Cloud or physical hosting? What are the legal requirements? Can I integrate it with my other programs later when the process grows? The wisest thing you can do when seeking answers to questions like these is to seek genuine counselling.

We have a project we believe in, but we do not have expert opinion; Then you will need more than a miracle.

It is always the right way to choose not only software and hardware, but also to get consultancy from experts for the production of special software or the realization of a project.

Mostly, special software or projects fail because they are started without an expert's opinion, because the implementation of a software or project can only be planned by people who have worked and gained experience for years. Even if measurement and evaluation are made with various tools, reading these evaluations correctly and calculating possible risks require real expertise and experience.

To act wisely. The only way to save time and cost.

Siyah Yazılım offers its experience and experience of more than 200 projects to institutions and brands. You can rely on our consultancy on many issues such as meeting your software and hardware needs correctly, making and implementing a digitalization plan, pre-evaluation of your project and calculating risks.

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