Custom jobs require "siyah" solutions

Software Development

As Siyah Yazılım team, which has more than 200 project management and development experience, we develop the clearest and

Software Development

Remember when off-the-shelf software no longer offers solutions; “Special jobs require Siyah Solutions...”

As a software company that has been providing excellent software solutions to our customers since 2009, we are here for all your software development processes. Together with our expert development team, we offer customized software solutions to make your business more efficient and increase your success.

As Siyah team, which has more than 200 project management and development experience, we develop the clearest and "hassle-free" solutions for your business and needs.


The rapid development of technology every day surrounds us with countless tools, but non-customized cliché software products bring with it constant resource allocation needs, reducing the efficiency you get from the software. While non-customizable software leaves you with various hardware costs, it also exposes you to numerous problems such as metering, backup and security. For this reason, the demand for special software is increasing day by day.

Custom software development provides advantages in many important areas such as increasing productivity, reducing execution and maintenance costs, getting rid of hardware costs, getting technical support much faster, and developing software in the face of evolving needs, especially for businesses.


A software development project that will meet your needs turns into an efficient product only when executed with the right team. The first step to having a custom software that will meet your needs is to plan and execute your project with the right team and brand.

In addition to producing software that meets your needs, the expert team ensures that the resulting product is much more efficient than you think. It protects you from unnecessary costs by detecting many problems that may arise during the production phase.

The experience of more than 200 projects we have implemented in Siyah Yazilim turns into cost-effective projects that offer exact solutions to your needs with the right foresight and planning.


Another important aspect of having software that will meet your needs more easily is sustainable execution. If you cannot provide sustainability and continuity in important issues such as technical support, your software is no longer a solution for you, it is a cost.

All brands that have found a solution in Siyah Yazılım do not lose their productivity thanks to our sustainable execution approach that has not been interrupted for years. They focus on their business thanks to our seamless service approach.


At Siyah Yazılım, we develop software for almost all platforms. Our job is to save you from detailed problems, dependency on platforms, and enable you to focus only on your business...

Web Based- Web Based Development

We develop software that broadcasts over web servers. We plan, develop and execute many web-based software for you, such as websites, CMS (Content Management System), e-commerce software, integration software, web services, cloud CRM and ERP software.

Mobile Based 

We develop software for all your needs for Android and IOS mobile devices. We develop mobile applications in almost every subject such as CRM – ERP, content publishing, stock management, support infrastructures, location tracking, measurement.

Desctop Based 

We develop software on every subject without any limit to be used on MAC and Windows computers. We produce software that offers solutions for you in many areas such as in-house software, CRM and ERP software, stock management, business tracking and process management.

Cross Platform

We develop projects that can run on more than one platform, and save you from being dependent on the platform and from costs. Thanks to the integrated systems we have developed, we ensure that our software works in any environment. We develop interactive and integrated software between mobile - desktop - IOT in many areas such as CRM and ERP, business tracking, process management, corporate management.

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