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About Us

Siyah's Success Story Will Inspire Colors.

Human spirit must
prevail over technology

It is Life and Human Being.

We started this adventure in 2009. We have collected many wonderful memories to tell, many friends. As we learned, we grew, and as we grew, we wanted to learn more. We saw every brand we met and everyone we shook hands with as an experience, and we were never afraid of learning and new experiences. That's exactly why we collected friends, not customers.

Technology, software, digitization...

We have a phenomenon unlike all our competitors. Technology, software, digitalization… if these words are seen as tools to make life more qualified, much more creative and solution-oriented technologies emerge. The more people-oriented a technology team is, the better projects are created, saving time for human life and facilitating the solution of problems.

When courage and creativity come together with this perspective, we have always trusted in the solutions it will offer. We are happy for the numerous projects we have signed since 2009. We are grateful to our friends for all the experiences they have given us.

What Does the Siyah Yazılım Logo Mean?

The evolution of software capabilities around the world has certainly taken a big leap forward with the widespread use of the internet. In the past years, the main target was acquiring and using software for a field (for example, an accounting program); Today, technologies are far from being installed and connected to a single computer, it is to establish connections and integrations between different software and technologies that can be accessed from anywhere. The Siyah Yazılım logo emphasizes this platform-independent interaction.

Why the name SIYAH?

As you know, computer science is basically based on 1 and 0. 1 and 0 unequivocally denote the presence or absence of a condition. Meaningful expressions begin to emerge as these presence and absence states are arranged differently as many bytes.

Siyah is clear enough to be non-negotiable, just like 1 and 0. At some point there is either light or not. Siyah signifies this certainty for us, and it is indisputable. It is undisputed for us to offer the best, always improve ourselves, and always be productive. Siyah Yazılım started as Dark Soft when it first came to life to operate in the field of cyber security, but a short time later, when the software development service started, a Turkish brand name was decided and it was named Siyah Yazılım.

Corporate Colors Why Shades of Purple?

The word  signifies a determination to us. The technologies we produce are the result of this determination, but we carry this determination to add value to people. For this reason, while the Siyah Yazılım brand puts life and people at the focal point, it produces the solution and dynamism of problems. We think that the color purple represents life and solution. That's why our corporate colors are purple.

Happy Clients

We are a family of big brands and growing every day.

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