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Our Principles

The further our goal is, the more successful we will be.

Standing still means going backwards…
forward always forward!

At Siyah Yazılım, we take as an example a hero who never compromises on his principles, never diminishes his/her goals, and takes steps with reason and science in line with these goals, even under the most difficult conditions.

We know that when the focus of words such as technology, software and digitalization is “human”, it will benefit both this country and all humanity. For this reason, we work to make human life qualified in all our processes and projects, and to solve problems for efficiency and people.

We see it as a service to humanity and our country to support everyone who wants to learn, is hardworking and takes their job seriously, and to do this for free. We attach great importance to the human dynamics of our sector, and we know that every job we teach contributes to the development of this sector.

We know that an unsustainable service will cause grievances, and we take precautions. We do not allow any of our projects and products, our development process, to harm people, work and process. We continue our after-service support over the years and attach great importance to the sustainability of our business.

We see other technology development companies as a part of our industry and respect everyone's efforts. We definitely provide support for the development of other development organizations, even if they are our competitors. We believe that the development of this sector with all its stakeholders and the growth of employment are a service for our country and our people.

Happy Clients

We are a family of big brands and growing every day.

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