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Web Design and Software

A Website Specific to Your Brand, Reflecting Your Character

Web Design and Software

A Website Specific to Your Brand, Reflecting Your Character

The www project, which aimed to share information while taking its first steps, quickly became a part of our lives over the years and changed many things such as trade, life, press and journalism, media and entertainment, and information transfer with the opportunities it offered.

While in the previous years people carried business cards, the paper quality and designs of these business cards were an indicator of "trust" and "quality", now brands and individuals, even institutions need a website that can reflect themselves "correctly" when their names are written in search engines like Google. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that a properly designed modern website has a catalog and business card mission.


A person, an institution or a brand is first searched on search engines such as Google. How reachable you are in the search results is the first important topic. When people looking for you or your company or institution find you, the website they come across affects their impressions of you to a greater extent than you think. The quality of the design, how transparent and legible the contents are, the quality of your visuals, how well you describe your service, and the clarity of your contact and transportation information are often a matter of "trust" for someone who searches for you or your business on the internet.

When a company is searched on the internet, the more elegant it is in the eyes of its customers, the better it can defend its service quality and follow a price policy focused on increasing its profit margin in this direction. Untrustworthy brands that cannot be found on the internet not only have problems with their pricing policies, but also lag behind their competitors in acquiring new customers.


The approach of many companies on this issue is wrong. By using ready-made systems, free site platforms, ready-made infrastructures for personal blogs, they get fast and simple websites, but this may cause greater harm than benefit. Imagine a company distributing its products to customers by writing with a ballpoint pen on a cardboard instead of a beautiful catalogue! Using ready-made themes and free infrastructures will not be much different from this situation, problems and problems will make you insecure, contrary to your expectations.


In Siyah Yazılım, websites are "coded from scratch", including all animation and visual elements, with a design language suitable for the corporate identity of the brand, person and institution, and a design that is unique to your brand, that truly reflects you and remains in memory, is brought to life.

Since the designs with the highest level of mobile compatibility are coded specifically for you, they both show the best performance and create the impressions you deserve for your customers.

Of the web designs designed from scratch, search engine optimization (SEO) like Google is at the highest performance level and it becomes very easy for your website to rank rapidly in search engines. After the design coding carried out in accordance with all the recommendations of the search engines, you do not need to buy almost any extra SEO services.


Siyah Yazılım CMS (Content Management System) is a software created by us for brands. Thanks to this software, you can access the control software from almost anywhere with an internet connection, and manage and control your website without being tied to anyone.

Siyah CMS has a structure where you can add any special module you want in the future, and it saves you from the costs of developing web software from scratch in the face of your new needs. While your business processes are not interrupted, your web software can be continuously improved. For example, when you want a dealership system in the future, instead of having the web software again, you can get rid of all the costs for a new system by requesting a module from Siyah Yazılım.

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