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Data Collection and Processing

Every experience is data.

Data Collection and Processing

We collect millions of data, prepare and code software that turns it into meaningful outputs.

Every experience is data.

The number of digital tools that surround almost every aspect of our lives is increasing day by day. This increase not only offers convenience, but also creates a huge data source that will make our lives better.

The parallel similarity between the development of machine learning with the rise of social media tools is now due to the fact that every experience becomes data, and the success of health trends and investments, product experience tracking, real consumer trends, commercial marketing ideas, political campaigns and even government policies now depend on the proper processing of this “big data”. passing.

Searching for the right fish in a great ocean.

Many tools such as search engines, social media channels, digital movie-series portals, music publishing and listening portals also contain all behavior and search-trend analyzes of users. Of course, the fact that so many tools contain so much data brings with it a new challenge.

Collecting data can be seen as a serious project before processing it. Because obtaining the data in a healthy way is the vital first step for the processing algorithms and your inferences to be correct.

With our team experienced in data collection at Siyah Yazilim, first of all, a preliminary project is carried out that includes many important issues such as determining the target and how to obtain target-oriented data, storage and classification, performance. How to produce data collection software with performance and security is planned and the first step is taken by implementing the software that will collect the data.

The fastest way to find a lego piece when it's useful for you;
Separating parts by color.

After the data is collected, before the processing process, intermediate software is produced by us for data control, (perhaps depending on the project requirement), classification and dating.

These middlewares prepare the data for the right formats that we can process with algorithms, while also providing the project owner with the preparation of various statistical data and reports.

These statistical figures and reports guide us to produce the software in which the algorithms to be selected according to the target will work. Decisions on many issues such as performance, time, hardware needs are made according to the statistics included here.

That magic word that makes millions of data meaningful; Algorithm!

The data collected for the purpose and corrected in various ways are processed by the algorithms to be selected for the purpose. With our team, we prepare the software that these algorithms will work with and put them into use after many tests.

This software, which sometimes includes an interface and live graphics, is the software that reveals the expected meaningful results, sometimes compares them with each other, and even trains itself for more performance results when necessary.

In summary;

At Siyah Yazılım, we collect data on purpose, produce middleware to organize this data, design and code software that can process the edited data. We prepare and code projects that turn millions of data into meaningful outputs.

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