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Education Sector

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Education Sector -

The education sector does not recognize the borders of countries. The most micro education models are suddenly moved to the macro dimension. After the pandemic, everything is digital now, but mostly education is digital!

With the pandemic, the education sector has experienced a new era, a forced evolution. When this evolution brought about various difficulties, educators showed a much faster and more successful reflex than everyone thought. Digitization reflex.

This reflex was realized in order to find new ways to overcome the difficulties of digital use during the education processes, and to find fast and practical new solutions. Many processes, such as moving the courses to online platforms, conducting sessions and interviews online, conducting exams via online systems, conducting tests and studies online, monitoring and evaluating, have been accomplished successfully thanks to the reflexes of the educators.

Of course, the increase in the capabilities of the software sector has a great share in preventing the concerns that will be experienced with digitalization in the education sector. Better data security, increase in internet connection speeds, and students being very good digital users have been the biggest factors that paved the way for digitalization in education.

Digitalization, which started as a necessity in the difficult conditions of the pandemic, suddenly turned into an awareness of efficiency. Educational institutions realized that with digital tools and software, they could better measure student-educator performance and convert various costs into education investments with digital tools and software.

In addition to formal education such as pre-school education, special student education, secondary education and higher education, digital tools that exist in almost every field for those who want to improve themselves are now an indispensable part of education.

Unfortunately, this digitalization process in the education sector has failed for some educational institutions. As a result of the preference of software brands that had no previous experience in software development in the education sector, many educational institutions could not realize the transformation that their competitors did.

In order to meet the software needs in the education sector, working with a software team that has software development experience in the education sector as well as software experience is the only way to successfully realize the digitalization process.

We have developed software for many educational institutions among more than 200 software products / projects that we have implemented in Siyah Yazılım. These software, which we developed considering data security, performance and the use of students / parents of all ages, supported the digitalization of the education sector.

If you are in the education industry, rely on the Siyah Yazılım experience for custom software solutions.
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