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Logistics Sector

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Logistics Sector -

As a growing sector all over the world, the logistics industry, with its constantly evolving methodologies, minimizes risks and maximizes productivity with the right tools.

The logistics sector is a dynamic sector that is constantly developing and growing at the global level. Logistics, which is the most important process of almost all sectors from food and raw material transportation to parts supply, is also a sector that requires serious investments as a sector and is rapidly affected by the costs in global markets.

Like all other sectors, the Logistics Industry is experiencing a digitalization process with the introduction of software into our lives. This sector, which requires productivity monitoring in many items, can now manage its independent but interacting processes with software, thus increasing efficiency and performance while minimizing costs in a planned manner.

In the logistics sector, which requires serious investments in terms of investment, routine maintenance and repair tracking of vehicles, parts supply, insurance - policy tracking, active system notifications of vehicles, live location tracking, live speed tracking, personnel calendars, bid - supply management, tracking of age status of vehicles, weight and Software can be seen as a basic need in many important issues such as delivery information tracking.

It would not be wrong to see the use of software that provides these instantaneous follow-ups as a necessity in order to ensure that the costs that change instantly as a result of the global market developments of the logistics sector are not returned to loss, and that unforeseen material and brand losses do not occur.

Of course, in order for these software to be produced specifically for the brand, it is very important to work with a software brand that has experience in developing various software projects for the logistics industry. It is possible with a software team that has previous experience in this sector to ensure the security of the information used live, to develop interfaces that enable users to use these software effectively, to produce software that can process and make meaningful data with the right algorithms.

We have also provided services to brands in the logistics sector in more than 200 projects we have developed as Siyah Yazılım. The projects we have carried out on many issues from car rental to vehicle tracking, customer - policy - document management systems, global and national websites and data security have provided support to the logistics industry.

If you are in the logistics industry, rely on the experience of Siyah Yazılım for custom software solutions.
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